Friday, May 9, 2014

Bringing Back Goddess Church, All Faith Church Port Townsend Washington; Bringing Back Goddess Church Mission

To Improve the Quality of Life of ALL we possibly can.

TO Raise the Vibration of All; To Raise the Consciousness

To Bring People Closer to Spirit, to God, to Goddess and to Each Other

To Encourage and Empower All.

To impact society through the individual, the student, the seeker and the leaders.

To establish, support, and nourish good relations and respect between faiths.

To create a loving and inclusive spiritual community in service to the World.

To Help as many as we can, to reconnect with Goddess, God, the Great Spirit and to be the highest version of themselves.

To offer a place to retreat, pray, learn about spiritual beliefs and spiritual laws. A Place to play, laugh, feel a sense of belonging, feel loved, heard and seen.

To Facilitate meditations, spiritually empowering ceremonies, spiritual workshops and seminars, healing sessions, empowerment classes and sermons, energy medicine sessions, and spiritually nourishing retreats.

To assist and support those who are seeking mystical experiences and deeper mind/body/soul connections, as well as those who have already tapped into their higher self, and may feel an outsider or in the need of support or retreat.

To nurture and support all through the universal powers of Love, Compassion, Faith
and Hope.

To offer spiritual education, wellness education, and to encourage all to be their highest potential; higher vibration.

To Assist All who we can reach, to Discover the Divine, be it God, Goddess, the Great Spirit, Mother God, Father God.

To Raise Consciousness, ONE Person (Energy Generator) at a Time

To Raise the Vibration of Mother Earth, her people, animals and plants.

To Make a PROFOUND, Life Changing Difference in the Life of ALL we can reach.

To draw close the divide that exists between faiths. Whatever your spiritual path it is all about universal love, acceptance and compassion. It is about the Golden Rule and Helping your Neighbor.

To celebrate each other without fear of losing our own identity. It illuminates the path to creating a nurturing spiritual community that honors and includes all religious languages, beliefs, faiths, and walks of life.

To provide Spiritual Tools, Information, Books, Sanctuary in order to assist others to heal, to raise their vibration, heal their bodies, learn about healing and spiritual tools, and assist them to experience a stronger personal relationship with God, Goddess, Great Spirit.

To nurture and help all to be aware of The Kingdom of God / of Goddess Within.

We hope to Heal that in which Divides us.

We do not just "tolerate" those of differing beliefs, races, culture, lifestyle, religion, faith, and choices but we respect, value and include them.

To Make a REAL Difference in the life of ONE.

To nurture and help all to be aware of The Kingdom of God / of Goddess Within.

To unite all people, all religion, all cultures; We are Family of Light.

to Raise the Consciousness of the Whole by assisting the one to remove limited thinking and negative thought patterns, expanded awareness and consciousness
by education, awareness, knowing thyself, healing thyself, and by Love, compassion, hope and information.

To Empower ALL People in ALL Ways.

To Educate, Empower, Heal, Nurture, Support the Individual.

To offer a place to retreat, pray, learn about spiritual beliefs and spiritual laws.

To Make a Profound Difference in the Life of EVERY Individual that the Great Spirit, God, Goddess brings to Us or we can reach.

The Bringing Back Goddess Church embraces the teachings of all spiritual paths.

Bringing Back Goddess Church
PO Box 2027
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Reverend Crystal Cox

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